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I'm just going to copy-paste the post I just wrote on Tumblr because I don't think I have the energy to write it all again and I want it here too. It's literally been an emotionally and physically draining day and I'm 50% falling asleep as I type and 50% wired to the point that I'm physically shaking, and I just don't know what my body is doing.

So that's a thing that's happening.

So about my night...Collapse )
11 March 2013 @ 02:06 am
I mean, the parts where I felt like shit for a big chunk of the day were not great, but all in all? Amazing day.

I woke up entirely too early (after staying out late the night before) to watch Bayern Munich, as I do every Saturday. What a stressful game that was! Okay, so, as classy as I am, I was maybe more than a little hungover while I was watching, but I swear - I felt so nauseous every time Düsseldorf scored, to the point that I kept coming close to turning the game off and going to throw up. Then Bayern would equalize and I would feel better. And then, of all players to score the winner, it's Jerome Boateng. I'll take it though, since now we're 20 points clear of Dortmund on the table. That's amazing.

Immediately after that match I changed into my TFC gear and headed down to their home opener. I forgot that it was also Comic Con this weekend, so Union Station was almost exclusively cosplayers and soccer fans. That was kind of sweet.

So, yeah, I was still feeling pretty crappy at the match but I got some overpriced chicken tenders that made everything better. As did my kick-ass seat in the supporters section right next to where the players entered from.

There was a tribute to Torsten Frings before the match, and he was there, and then walked off the field like 15 feet from me, and I got a little emotional because I really miss him. He wasn't with the team long, really, but honestly? Despite how terrible last season was, he was an amazing captain and did incredible things for the team, and he's so loved by the supporters. Ugh, Torsten, why did you have to retire?

Anyway, the match was awesome. Toronto FC looks so much better this year! I mean, even last week against Vancouver, we lost but it wasn't as bad of a loss as like, all of last year. And this time they actually won! Against Kansas City! 2:1! It's so obvious from watching what Robert Earnshaw (I MEAN DUH HE SCORED BOTH GOALS), Danny Califf (hellooooooo new eye candy) and John Bostock have already brought to the club.

I'm really excited about this season.

After the game I went back home and about an hour and a half later had to leave to meet Cat to go see Finch.

I've probably not written about Finch in this journal in AT LEAST five years, maybe more, since I actually don't think I've seen them since 2006 or 2007, so, yeah. But, I love them. That is, I love their first album. Like it's probably one of my favourite albums EVER. It's just amazing, which I think has a lot to do with why I and everyone else was so disappointed in the second one. Because I gave it a shot again not that long ago and it's actually not bad, it's just... What It Is To Burn is flawless, there was no topping that, y'know? Anyway, this tour they're doing is the What It Is To Burn 10th Anniversary Tour.

That album's actually like 11 years old, but shh.

I've been really bummed that other bands I like have done 10th anniversary shows/tours for their fan-favourite albums lately and they've never come here. Taking Back Sunday did it last year (Tell All Your Friends is another of my favourites), MxPx did a few 10th anniversary gigs for Life In General a few years back (actually... that must've been a 15th anniversary. Anyway). I always wanted to go. They never came here, but Finch did.

So, yeah, it was like a perfect show. They played the album all the way through from start to finish, which is perfect because it's a great album and this way I hear EVERYTHING I wanted to. The best part was when they did Project Mayhem and Cat had NO idea what was going on... apparently her copy of the album doesn't have it. I kept insisting it was on the album and I know it well, she was insisting it wasn't. We compared track listings on our iPods. She doesn't have it. I do.

They did one little interruption, where after they did Ender (all thirteen and a half arduous minutes of it... that song is AMAZING for about five minutes and then it's just repeated noise, but it's the last song before the "bonus" track, which is also the title track, so it works). Then they did a few songs off the second album, one from the EP they released before WITB, and then ended with What It Is To Burn, which I'm pretty sure they've ended every set with since it came out.

That song, like, basically has its own fanbase. I honestly feel like there was a time where even if you didn't like Finch, if you were at all involved in the "scene," you liked What It Is To Burn. That's the song the crowd basically exploded to when I last saw Finch at Bamboozle. Honestly, I've seen MUCH heavier bands than Finch, but I've never seen a pit like the one that erupted for What It Is To Burn. I lost a watch in a Finch pit years ago. I almost dislocated my shoulder at Bamboozle.

Finch were also the first band I crowdsurfed to, ten and a half years ago. I was kind of tempted to last night to make them the last (I'm too old for that shit) but I think I'm glad I didn't. Again, too old. And the crowd, being roughly my age, seemed a little more subdued. There was still crowd surfing, and everyone was really excited, but there was a maturity to it, I guess? People were feeling nostalgic. The energy in the crowd was a different kind of amazing. It's a really powerful feeling to be in a room with hundreds of people who feel the same way about this album that you do, and to hear the whole thing played live, and to share that with all those people. It just doesn't happen at a 'normal' show where you have your factions of people who prefer certain songs or a certain era of a band. Everyone there was there for that album. Every single song meant something to everyone. It was so powerful.

It also felt a bit like a closure, since I'm probably never going to see Finch again. Hell, when I saw them at Bamboozle, that was a reunion. They'd already broken up, got back together, released an EP and I'm pretty sure they were done again before this tour. In any case, I treated last night like a sort of farewell to them, and to that era, but never really that album, because it still means so much to me. I'm just really really happy that I got to see it played in full.

And let me tell you, they actually sound amazing live. Like, the Sound Academy usually has really shitty sound, but they sounded PERFECT there.

It was just so good to feel 17 again.
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07 March 2013 @ 09:16 pm
I may put the novel idea from the last post on the backburner.
I still want to write it because I have like pages and pages of notes for it already but I got another idea today.
One that's a little more reality-based and may be a bit easier to write.

Only, I'm not entirely sure how one aspect of it will work - it's going to be about a professional footballer, who is going to be entirely fictional - he'll need to interact with several other players, obviously, who also need to be fictional. Now, do I use a real-life club and stock it with fictional players and staff, or do I create an imaginary club for this purpose?

Like, how fictional am I allowed to be? I obviously don't want to have anyone real in the story because it's not fan fiction, but is it plausible, as a reader, to potentially have an entire league with which you may be familiar but with an entirely fictional roster of players?
Last week this customer came into my store who I thought, until today, was just harmlessly annoying.

He bought tickets to see Santana on Saturday and then asked a million questions about how many were left (literally that was all he asked in various ways) and then asked how the Dukes of September show was selling. Then he told me how he likes to sit close so he can watch and learn everything they play.

He just kept repeating himself again and again telling me that, which fine, whatever, I wasn't really engaging because I had nothing to say. He went on and on but I really didn't have anything else to do, so I went with it and eventually he left.

He came back in tonight asking about how the Santana show is selling (it's Saturday night) so I looked it up and told him there are still 400s and lawns but everything else is sold out.

Silence falls and he's just standing there. As far as I'm concerned, our interaction is over.

Then a Chinese lady walks in to buy a ticket for Edgefest on Saturday. So I serve her, hand her the ticket, and she leaves.

This other guy, who has been standing there silently this whole time, says to me after she leaves, "excuse me, me first, you second" in a REALLY stereotypical Chinese accent.

I was taken aback because 1) I did not expect that AT ALL and 2) I helped her because I THOUGHT WE WERE DONE, so if you want to be a complete dick to someone, say something rude TO ME, not about her.

So silence falls again because HE DOESN'T HAVE ANOTHER QUESTION. Then out of nowhere he says, "wow it's taking a long time, isn't it?" and I'm like, what? What did you want to know about? He asks about Santana again and I say I already had all that up on the screen. He says again "yeah but then me first, you second" in the accent. This time I'm having NONE of it and flat out tell him, in a snappy tone because at this point fuck him, "actually no, I already told you what was left and I thought we were finished." There was NO OTHER information I could've given him.

So he says "well if it's not coming up, don't worry about it." WHAT. WHAT ISN'T COMING UP I ALREADY ANSWERED YOU.

Finally I just told him: "I ALREADY TOLD YOU. There are still lots of seats out. I don't know what else you want to know."

So he asked about the Dukes of September show again. I just wanted him to go away. After another five or so minutes he FINALLY DID.

I'm glad that was late in the day because customers like that just ruin my day.
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28 May 2012 @ 11:15 pm
On Friday night, after the club, when it was like 3AM and Daniel and I were in Tim Horton's after a good wander around downtown I saw the back page of a newspaper advertising that Adam Lambert was doing an autograph signing at HMV here today. Which I knew nothing about, but which I later found out you needed a pass for, which you could only get by buying his CD at that particular HMV.

But then I found out he's basically all over the city for the next three days anyway, so whatever.

Sunday I had a fairly miserable day and hated everyone and lay in bed watching Firefly for like ever.

But today I went Adam hunting!Collapse )

Now I'm listening to music that makes me really happy and nostalgic and generally having a "17 again" moment.
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10 May 2012 @ 01:18 pm
So I really, very badly, actually-researched-and-considered going to Sonisphere to see Queen + Adam Lambert because those are two of my very favourite things and the UK is a third of my favourite things.

Then it got cancelled.

Then only yesterday I found out about the two shows they're doing at the Hammersmith Apollo in London in July, which are sold out for obvious reasons.

And now I am sad and furious all at once.

Oh well. That would've been another insane trip of mine, so it's for the best.

And maybe they'll make a DVD? Like Queen + Paul Rodgers did? Please?

And then maybe Adam will do his own tour? Come on bro.

Oh, and then I read on pollstar.com that Olly Murs is opening for One Direction in Toronto.


I feel a little forced into even liking Olly because I heard "Thinking Of Me" like 47,000 times when I was in Scotland last year (FOR TWO DAYS. I WAS THERE FOR TWO DAYS), but I do like him. So I am more than a little perturbed that his first performance over here is opening for One goddamn Direction. But also relieved that it is impossibly sold out so I can't even give into temptation and go and then piss off 12 year olds by leaving when he's done.

In more positive news, Toronto FC did that thing last night where they didn't lose! They won! They scored two goals! One in the first two minutes, and one when they were down a man! (GOOD JOB, ECKERSLEY. Which for the record I think was sort of a bogus call... as was the yellow card on of the Montreal players got for fouling Kocic later on. Kocic didn't even go down, I guess it was a late challenge but I don't think it was all that bad or intentional? I don't know man, that ref just looked like a little shit) Could this be a turning of the tides in Toronto?

And what is it, honestly, that makes every franchise owned by MLSE suck so hard? Why can't Toronto have a good team? Is it lousy management at the top? I don't know, but now that we've won once, maybe we can keep it up?

(Also poor Frings and Johnson both looked like they were ready to die by the end of the match. They were just so tired. Good work though boys, really.)
22 April 2012 @ 10:57 pm
So my friend Cat loves baseball. Like, loves baseball. She talks about the Blue Jays all the time. And that's awesome! Talk about your interests, I support that, and I will try to engage even though I don't know anything about them!

But it just got me thinking. Why don't I ever do that? I would love to talk about soccer all day! I would love to be openly excited when Bayern wins, or if Toronto FC ever win, I would love to talk about who's injured, who's doing well, who's been having a bad few matches, all that... but I know most people I know in real life and talk to every day don't care. So I don't.

The thing is none of our friends care about the Blue Jays, but Cat talks about them anyway. So what's the difference? Is it just a confidence issue? Do I just not have the balls to talk about my interests?

I don't know, but I should start doing it. It's important to me, dammit, and I want to actually be a person with opinions and interests I talk about, whether people give a shit or not.

/Rant over.
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Just got home from the Toronto FC/Chicago Fire game... aka the Torsten Frings/Arne Friedrich reunion. Which was basically the highlight of the match since Toronto lostagain. We're 0-0-6 for the season. Which sounds about right for a Toronto team.

I know I was once one of those people who understood nothing about the sport, but I always seem to be sitting in front of those kinds of people when I go to games, and they talk really loud and have NO idea what's going on and it drives me insane.

We were also a few rows ahead of a VERY large group of travelling Chicago supporters, with drums and a trumpet and everything. But they seem to have latched on to any song with the word "fire" in it because they sang just the chorus of We Are Young over and over and over. I like that song, dammit, don't ruin it for me!

Anyway, yeah, Chicago scored 25 seconds into the game, Toronto tied it up later, then pulled ahead 2-1, then Chicago scored again to end the half at 2-2... and then they scored in the second half to win 3-2. Oh Toronto.

Pictures below the cut.Collapse )

In other news it's also Record Store Day. I couldn't find the fun. EP I wanted anywhere, but I did manage to get the two Anberlin records that came out... even if I had to wait in line for a friggin' hour to get them.

I love Record Store Day though. Hunting down the exclusives and roaming the city seeing people out and about with bags and bags of records, it's fantastic. It's a music nerd's Christmas.

Now I'm freezing and need to get warm before I out again tonight.
Actually I got a package, not a letter. And I'm more ashamed than you that I sang a Blues Clues song, don't worry.

My order from the DFB-fanshop arrived today, after only a week and a half.

Maybe that's how they justify the 40 Euro shipping charge, it just gets here super fast.

So now I have my Miro jersey:

Aaaaaaaaand the super cozy sweater I've had my eye on for months:

I want to live in it forever, it's so comfortable and warm. Unfortunately it's April and it's 26 degrees outside today so there will be no wearing it right now!

In other news I got back on the treadmill today after weeks of laziness since the last time I decided to try to get back in shape. It went... okay, I guess? I downloaded the Zombies, Run! game last night so I wanted to try that out. Turns out I just took the approach of moving "faster than a slow shamble," to quote the game, for most of it, because I can't run that long yet.

I do like that I can use my own playlists in it, but I need to work out how to get it on shuffle, or randomly rearrange that list myself. It does help cut the actual tension in the game (it's actually kind of scary at first!) when it's interspersed with boyband songs.

I could really get into this game/working out thing, I think.
Last night I went to see Enter Shikari, whom I've been waiting like five years to see because every time they've come it's always been supporting a band I don't care for or on like Warped Tour with all these newfangled metalcore bands I strongly dislike. ANYWAY. I saw them.

My mind wandered during the opening acts, which is a shame, because Letlive. at least were actually quite good. But I think it was the venue. It was at Wreckroom, where I'd been literally the night before and where I go like every other weekend - just a tiny little club. A room so small and a show so intimate (Enter Shikari had to push through the crowd to get on stage and all the gear was just piled up near the pool tables beside the stage, it's where they did their little pre-show band hug and everything) it reminded me a lot of the local shows I used to go to.

I kind of miss my local scene from about 2003-2007 when I would go see Summer Hero like every two weeks because they were always playing. And if it wasn't them there was always Not By Choice, or Cauterize, or someone to see, you know? They were good shows, they were fun, I got to know those boys and I miss the fuck out of them now that they're all broken up.


It also made me think of the one part of Take That's history I've never been able to get my head around: the pre-Take That & Party era, when they were playing school tours and under 18's and gay clubs and travelling around the UK in a van and generally acting like a local band. And that's weird for me because in my experience pop acts/boybands don't do that. There's never really been a successful one from here that I've seen come from the ground up, boybands have always just appeared out of nowhere playing huge sold out shows. So the idea that Take That operated very much like a local band at first is weird to me.

What would that have been like?

Back when Summer Hero were my boys, half the fun of seeing them every two weeks or so was getting to hear "Surrender," because I love that song, and they didn't record it/release it until 2006 when Soundcanvas finally came out (and don't get me started on how proud I was the day that record was available in actual record stores like they were a real band. Oh, babies. So I wonder if there were any fans like that of Take That back in the day, who'd go to clubs and be like "Man I really like this song!" but not be able to listen to it any other way because their version wasn't ever released, if there was anyone who felt super proud of their boys when "Do What U Like" came out even if it wasn't all that successful, and who could never have imagined in a million years that they'd ever become what they are now.

But then I think no, if that happened it would be like what I see on my dash with One Direction where it's just people lamenting that "their little secret" is now super famous everywhere. And, ok, your little secret? So you're the only one who watched the moment where they were literally shoved together by Simon Cowell on television? Okay then.

This has been A Thought.